Lecol Adhesives and Fillers

City Wood Floors are now stockists of a large range of Lecol Adhesives and Fillers. We stock multiple Lecol Adhesives including their 5500 and PVAC ranges. You can also find in store their very useful Wakol Dispersion Moisture Barrier and 7500 Fillers, with many more Lecol products on their way. For our full list of our current Lecol products please see below.

If you have any enquires or would like additional information please call us on 01273 426588 or alternatively email us at info@citywoodfloors.co.uk.

Lecol Adhesives and Fillers

Lecol Adhesives

Lecol Adhesive PVAC available in 0.75L, 1.0L & 5kg tins.

Lecol Adhesive 5500 available in 6KG, 16KG & 25KG drums.

Wakol MS230 Adhesive available in 18KG containers

Wakol MS260 Adhesive available in 18KG containers

Wakol MS265 Adhesive available in 600CC containers

Lecol Fillers

Lecol 7500 Filler available in 0.8KG & 5KG tins.

Lecol Moisture Barrier

Wakol Dispersion Moisture Barrier available in 11KG bags.