Sika Adhesives

City Wood Floors stock a large range of Sika adhesives and screeds such as Sika 52 and 54, together with Sika AT-80 and AT-Universal. We also have multiple other Sika products to offer such as various Sika primers and rapid dry DPM’s. For our full list of Sika products please see below.

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Sika Adhesives

Sika 52 available in 600ml and 1800ml bags.

Sika 54 available in 6kg bags and 13kg cans.

Sika MS Polymer 466914 available in 14kg cans.

AT-80 available in 17kg buckets.

AT-Universal available in 300ml tubes.

Everbuild D4 available in 1L tubes.

Sika adhesives and screeds

Sika Primers

Primer MB available in 5kg and 10kg bags.

Rapid Dry DPM available in 5L and 10L bags.

Moisture Meters

Tramex Moisture Meter (for reading moisture content.)

Tramex Hygrometer (for reading RH and room temperature.)