City Wood Floors stock a large selection of Underlay products, ranging from simple foam, and fibre boards to sounds reducing rubber with built in DPM’s. For our full list of the underlays’s we do please see below

If you have any enquires or would like additional information please call us on 01273 426588 or alternatively email us at info@citywoodfloors.co.uk.

Foam Underlay

Acoustic White 3mm Foam available in 15m2 rolls.

Barrier Plus 3mm Foam with DPM available in 15m2 rolls.

Fibre Boards

Fibre Boards 5.5mm available in 10.03m2 packs.

Rubber Underlay

Acoustica Level 2 3.75mm Rubber with DPM available in 15.07m2 rolls.

Acoustica Level 3 3mm Rubber available in 15.07m2 rolls.